Saturday, January 1, 2011

Poor Nora woke up in the middle of the night with the flu. Totally not something I expected to hear as Kory went in her room at 2:30 this morning "Abby, Shes throwing up all over the place, get in here!" Oy! Poor girl really was throwing up all over! This is the first time this has happened for her! So, daddy started the bedroom clean up, while I did bath time. Nora, bless her heart was so upset that she got sick in her crib! She kept saying over and over again "My bed all messy, my froggie(pillow pet) all messy!" I could have cried right there! I really think as a mom, one of the worse feelings is when your child is sick and you just cant make them better. I did what I could though and made her as comfortable as possible and gave a lot of hugs and cuddles. Kory was a lifesaver, and slept with her on the couch! He is so much better with the throw up than I am! What a great daddy he is.
Since it was just a lay low sort of day for Nora, I decided to take Ava out for a bit so she didn't just have to sit in the house all day. Here she is showing off her new haircut, while also showing off how big she has gotten! :( I cant believe my first born little girl will be off to preschool this year. Crazy! We spent some time at my moms house, and took advantage of the warm heat wave weather (50 degrees people!) and had a picnic type lunch! It was a lot of fun and we had some good laughs!

After dinner I took my little lady to the grocery store to stock up on all sorts of healthy foods for mama! My lifestyle change (as opposed to diet) starts tomorrow. All part of that New Year New Me thing! I'm excited! How about you? Any new exciting things happening?!

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