Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 68

Today ended up going far differently than I had hoped for. Ava woke up with a little flu bug, post nasal drip, cold of some sort! She threw up a bunch of times and fell asleep for a long almost four hour nap. After her nap, she woke up totally fine and was begging to eat everything in sight. She had a miny bag of popcorn, half of a peanut butter, fluff and banana sandwich, some cheerios, and jello! From that point on she was FINE. It was bizarre what she had in the morning.
We ended up cancelling our Christmas party earlier in the day, thinking she did have the flu and I didn't want to spread the germs. I was pretty bummed about not having the party, but such is life!
We ended up having a good night though, we made buffalo chicken salads for dinner and watched Four Christmas's afterwards!
Good news though, the party is switched to Tomorrow!
Cant wait!

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