Saturday, December 11, 2010

Day 64

Oh the holidays! Oh the fun they bring. I am all about doing as much with the girls as humanly possible! I love to go go go, run run run! Ask anyone that knows me, I am not a sit at home person. I like to go out and do things!
So that is exactly what we did! My sister in law and great friend Jessica and I took the kids to "Breakfast with Santa" this morning at Applebee's! Clearly Nora loved seeing Santa! I'm sure she would tell you the same!
Even if the girls are scared of Santa, they were so adorable! Our waitress told me that they were the best dressed that she had seen so far! :) That always makes me happy! I take pride in dressing them and having them look cute!

Spending time with family is so important! I really hope that Ava, Nora and John grow up close to each other and want to spend time together! They play like three little peas in a pod now, so it will only get better as they get older!
Christmas is right around the corner! Are you ready? I for sure am. I cannot wait to see the expressions on my sweet girls faces Christmas morning as they open their presents! I'm sure it will be a chaotic mess or wrapping paper and cardboard in my living room, but it will be well worth it all!

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