Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 43

We spent the morning doing what every girl loves to do! Breakfast out, & a little retail therapy!!!! My awesome mom treated us to Panera for breakfast! That has to be my favorite breakfast place of all time. Do not go there for breakfast if you are going for the low calorie thing though! After Panera we headed to Marshall's and Target!
I got myself these awesome BearPaw Boots! I figure if I have to suffer through a NY winter, I might as well have my feet look and feel good while doing it! (and for $29.99, you cant beat it, thank you Marshall's- my true love) Find similar styles here!
At target I got this dress for $3.00 for Nora! Love it. I also got a few Christmas presents, and Candy Canes! So of course when we got home Ava had to try one! (Nora missed out, she was sleeping)
After Nora woke up, we had some lunch and just relaxed for a bit! I had to get some pictures of her in her new outfit from Aunt Jessica! She looks like a little princess!
More candy cane
More Princess.

We did all of this while listening to Sugarland's new Christmas CD. Did I mention I love Christmas time?! L.O.V.E.

Happy Saturday!

(Now go put on some Christmas music!)


  1. I was listening to christmas music as I read your blog! Love it!

  2. Good!!! At least I know I am not the only Crazy!

  3. love the picture of her hands! really precious.