Tuesday, May 17, 2011

we had a long tuesday stuck inside due to the rain.
kory had to work 13 hours, which makes for one tired and stressed momma!
after oh the first 9 hours in the house, the girls start to go stir crazy (this girl included)
i tried to think of fun things to do, but let face it....
it was a rough day!
here are the better parts of the day though!

memorial day

something about getting out my new table stuff, makes me happy! i still need something for the bottom of my vase! suggestions welcome.

color lesson with vitamins

mac and cheese + peas

add in some hot dogs

top with bread crumbs

and there you have it, all american meal. hey the girls loved it.


they love each other!

and i love my 100 calorie pack of popcorn. (which by the way fed all three of us)

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