Friday, May 13, 2011

some fun and random facts and thoughts-

i love nice weather, almost more than anything.
i wish verizon would come out with more cases for the droid phone.
i cannot live without said phone
im secretly in love with Jennifer Lopez
i am so thankful for gods great grace and forgiveness
my diet is officially starting again, or i may not be able to fit in my bridesmaid dress
couponing makes me happy
i have the two cutest kids on the planet,
and husband
hearing the mail truck coming up exists me, even when its all junk mail or bills
i love to blog, even if no one ever reads it!
i have a passion for party planning, and would love to do it for a living one day
i really want to take a vacation to florida to visit my bff
i love weekends
i love smores
i cant wait to go swimming
a clean house makes me happy

that's all for now!

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