Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Well, we WON the contest!
I cant tell you how excited I was, I never win anything!
Seriously, I kid you not. I have a bad luck streak or something. All my life I have been horrible at winning things.
Pinewood derbies when my brother and sister would win for speed or design on their cars, what do I win? Nothing!
Lottery tickets, Ha not even a chance.
Raffle baskets, nope not those either! In face once I was at a wedding shower, that did a Chinese auction type thing and EVERYONE at my table won a basket, right except me!
I usually enter every contest I hear about, but never win.
Well that's right universe I won this one! Abby's got her groove back! ( or groove started)
Look out world, I'm on a roll!
A big thanks to all that voted!
Ava and Nora are very excited about being able to pick out a few new bows and such!
I'm having fun shopping, knowing I do not have to pay!

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