Sunday, March 27, 2011

Meal planning for the month of April-

Yup, I said month, I'm giving it a try for the first time, we shall see how it goes.

Here is my list with as many linked recipes that I could provide I hope that this helps someone!

Week One-

Sunday 4.3- Mom's (you will see this every week, my mom is awesome)

Monday 4.4- Hamburger Helper with Steamed Veggies

(Yes I know, not the best but you will see why below)

Wednesday 4.6- Lunch meat Sandwiches with leftover soup (if any)

Thursday 4.7- Tacos with fruit (see below)

Friday 4.8- Marinated chicken with steamed veggies

Saturday 4.9 - Leftovers or out

Week Two-

Sunday 4.10- Mom's

Monday 4.11- Sloppy Joe's and Tatar Tots (again see below)

Tuesday 4.12- Whole chicken in crockpot with veggies

Wednesday 4.13- Chicken tortellini soup (using leftover chicken from above)

Thursday 4.14- Sandwiches with leftover soup (if any)

Friday 4.15- Date night (hopefully!)

Saturday 4.16- Breakfast for dinner, baked French Toast

Week Three-

Sunday 4.17- Mom's

Monday 4.18- Terrakyi Meatballs

Wednesday 4.20- BBQ Chicken wraps with leftover soup (if any)

Friday 4.22- Frozen pizza (movie night with the girls)

Saturday 4.23- Breakfast for dinner, Omelets and Toast

Week Four-

Sunday 4.24- Easter!

Monday 4.25- Easter leftovers

Wednesday 4.27- All the works Salads

Thursday 4.28- BBQ Cheeseburgers with fries(homemade) and steamed greenbeans

Friday 4.29- Out

Saturday 4.30- I'm throwing a kids Easter Tea Party for the girls and their friends!

* For all of the "see below's" I posted, if you are from the area, Tops is running a great special this week.

Buy 1 Jumbo pack of Ground Chuck (it makes three meals for us usually), and you get 8 items free!

Here are those items(one of each)-

-Tops 6" Tortilla Shells

-Tops Shredded Cheese

-Tops Taco Seasoning

-Hunt's Manwhich Sloppy Joe Sauce

-Tops Hamburger Rolls

-Coca Cola 2 Liter Soda

-Three Cheese Hamburger Helper

-Tops Steamin' Easy Vegetables

So you see, those all go along with the menu items above! Awesome Deal!

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  1. Ummmm I am totally jealous of your sale. :) We don't get any good grocery sales around here. I want to move somewhere with a Publix. I hear great things about their sales.