Sunday, February 6, 2011

Well the Superbowl is over, and I can honestly say I did nothing but eat and baby wrangle during it! (Who really watches the football anyways?)
Some of the commericals were funny, and despite what MANY thought, I actually liked the half time show.

My contribution to the party was homemade pretzel bites and cheese sauce to dip in. Aside from the fact that my entire house smelled like on big yeast ball, they turned out great!

(get the recipe here )

The girls had a blast, running around grandmas house terrorizing everything (as usual). They played with Alayna, and had a free for all at the food table. Good thing Superbowl only happens once a year!

Maybe one year our home team will make it! That might be a game I'd watch!

(one can dream right)

What did you make that turned out really good? Im always looking for new ideas!

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