Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Its moments like these...

That make being a mother totally worth it!
I got the girls in bed tonight, and Nora was asking for her pjs (aka security blanket) that she likes to sleep with. I couldn't find them anywhere, looked all over and ended up finding them in the washer. Kory threw them in with a load that I did not know he put in. They were not super wet but wet enough that they needed to go in the dryer. So I ran back up and told Nora that, she started sobbing. Sobbing like I have never seen, and a really cry (not a brat cry) she was really really sad. It broke my heart! I was tearing up as well. I picked her up and she said she wanted to go stand by the dryer till they were dry. So we did. I told Ava I would be back up in a few minutes with Nora (they share a room and do not like it if they go to bed at separate times) Anyways, we went downstairs and Nora wanted me to hold her. She wrapped her legs around my waist and her arms so tight around my neck, she asked me to rock her back and forth. I did for ten minutes and she passed out! I felt like she was a little baby again and not going on THREE. Her pjs dried and I took them out of the dryer, she opened her eyes for a second just to say "thanks mommy" it was SO sweet! So I carried her upstairs and put her back in her crib, I walk over to Ava's bed and she is passed out as well. I kissed her forehead and pulled her blankets up, she woke up and opened one eye a crack and said " make sure you pray with Nora mom" and rolled back over! I was getting all teared up again! How sweet is she?! Love those girls! So anyways, Its those little things that make the stressfulness/headaches all worth it.

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