Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Fun

What can I say? Ive never really been a huge fan of the snow. Sure I love have a White Christmas, seeing the first fallen snow on the trees driving down the road, but really that's about it. After December I am beyond ready for the snow to hit the road. However, since that is clearly not the case for WNY, I decided to suck it up and dig out the old snow boots.
Yup, this is probably the one and only time I will be wearing these suckers!
Its worth it though to see this two sweet girls having a ball in the snow! We didn't know what to expect out of Nora, as she is actually a bit scared of the snow. She did surprisingly well!
Sweet Ava was like a seasoned pro or something, she ran right out and took off into the snow...
No second thoughts from her!
Kory made up this game where he would pretend to go limp and fall over into the snow,
The girls thought it was the best.thing.ever. I could have listened to those giggles for hours! Plus Kory was having way to much fun doing it for them!
I had to take some group shots. Moments like these are far and few between!
Ive been blessed!

Ava thought it was hilarious that she had snow on her hat!

Digging, snowball making and exploring

And let us not forget EATING. I think they girls would have stayed outside eating the snow all day, had I let them!

What a perfect time we had playing! Making memories, of which included hot chocolate inside afterwards!

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