Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Jump, Flip, and Run

That is what the girls love to do at gymnastics! I am really glad that we decided to put the girls in gymnastics. Though it is pricey, I think it has been great for them!
Gymnastics challenges them to have to sit and listen to direction for their teacher Mr. Don. And practice simple stretches, like this one, Butterfly. Than of course there is the famous trampoline, where the girls have learned to do the cutest seat drop going! The trampoline is a favorite. Gymnastics also also for other fun activities like this rock wall, which has been great for Ava as well. When starting gymnastics she was scared of it, now howeverShe climbs to the top like a champ! So proud of her.

Putting the girls in an organized sport was such a great idea, and they sure do love it.

(all pictures courtesy of my lovely cellphone)

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