Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bathroom Remodel!

We are in the ever daunting process of re-modeling our bathroom. While I am very excited for it to be done, the process of it all totally sucks!
Sanding the walls, plastering holes, re painting, decorating, and lastly sitting and admiring!
Here is the shower curtain we picked! I'm in love. The colors are rich and the design is fun and modern!

We are going shopping today for grey paint, if you have shopped for grey paint before you are probably thinking the same thing I am "are you nuts?" Grey paint is not easy to shop for. Is it too blue, to purple, to dull, to everything but what its suppose to be?!

So if you could, think of me today while I am at the hardware store collecting my basket full of little paint samples!

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  1. Pretty! It looks just like Meghann's comforter =)