Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 66

All the Who's down in Whoville....

It didnt even dawn on me that Nora looks a bit like Cindy Lou Who from The Grinch! She sure does make a cute Cindy though!
Today was a nice relaxing day! Kory and I took the girls to Target and out to lunch at Panera! Panera is our favorite spot to go and just relax. We got a booth by the fireplace and just sat! The girls had such a good time. Ava was so loud and goofy, but no one around us even seemed to mind! There is just something about a laughing child that people love!

The purpose of our trip was to get the girls some stockings. They past couple of years I have just used some junk ones I found at the dollar store. I didnt want to spend a ton on them, but wanted ones that were cute. I found these are target for a great price! And the quality is SUPER nice. I was very impressed.
Though we do not have a fireplace or a mantel, I still think they look super cute hanging so nicely on our railing!
About 8 days till Christmas!!!!

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