Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Day 54

Well, the day has come. The first real snowfall of the season. Fitting that it is December 1st and all but I am still less than thrilled about it. The girls however couldn't be more thrilled about it. The looks on their little faces this morning were PRICELESS. Our conversation to follow went like this...

Me- "Girls it snowed!"
(Ava jumping up and down and clapping her hands really fast!)
Ava- "Lets go look, lets go look!"
(off to the front window they run, the peak out the window Nora on her tippy toes)

Nora- "Oh no Mommmmmmy, Your car is all dirty!"
Ava- "Awesome mom, I want to eat some!"
Kory- " Maybe later we can go out and play"
(cheers by all)

Oh how I love those girls!

Molly cat even wanted in on the action!

(today is a day that calls for homemade chicken pot pie and hot cocoa with miny marshmallows, so I'm off to make that happen!)

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