Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Day 32

I know I have posted about pajamas before, but seriously I really do love getting the girls new pj's, and since today was a bum around in pj's day (girls had a stomach bug, yuck) I think the pajamas deserve a whole extra post!
Some might say I have a slight obsession to them (as I do with all kids clothes). This winter I have scored some super cute ones! These, and these and oh yeah these for Nora. Of course we cannot leave out Ava. She got these, these, and these! (Ava is only mildly obsessed with Santa this year!)
Oh and I cant forget her new "flippers", so cute!
Here's Nora modeling her Hugh Hephner wear!

Of course, wearing new pj's always requires you to break them in, with a little dance!

and a coloring party!

You know the funny thing is, I do not own one pair of nice pajamas myself! So guess what is on my Christmas list?!
Yup, these, these or these!
What are your favorite pajamas?! Leave me a comment!
But enough of this, I'm off to go cuddle my two ladies in the pj's!

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