Saturday, October 16, 2010

Day 8

Today was Lockport's Homecoming Day Parade! It was a beautiful sunny day here, so I figured when my mom invited us to go that it was the perfect thing to do to get the girls outside for awhile! My sisters came along too. Aunt Kayla! (at least one knows how to look and smile)
Aunt Karissa, (again with the distracted child syndrome)
And I with my little buddy! I got a CHEESE smile out of her this time.
Little Miss Nora was so cute, she was so proud of her "treat bag", and waited so nicely for the parade to start! Despite having gone to numerous parades before in our days, Miss Ava was a little unsure of the whole situation to start out. That unsure feeling soon lessened when she realized candy was involved. My Little Sweet tooth!
After the parade we went to the Football game. The girls had a ball there! They both took great naps when we got home too! The fresh air did every one well.
Tonight Mommy is babysitting Cousin Alayna! Should be a crazy fun evening!

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