Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Day 12

Quite possibly one of my favorite shopping days of the year is Novemeber 26th! BLACK FRIDAY. I find it to be so much fun, the craziness of it all. Getting up before its light out(much before), hitting up Tim Hortans first for a light breakfast, and than off to shop all day! The sales, the lines, the busy roads and parking lots, its all wonderful to me! You know you are getting close to it when you start to get coupons in the mail! Ahh what a great mail day it was today. :)
American Eagle and Aerie !!!


  1. And if you search - you will find all those Black Friday ads posted online very soon.

  2. Oh - and where's Day 10's photo??

  3. I still have to post it! I have it saved, just havent posted it yet. Blogger was down that day so Im all confused. Ha.

    And why are you not a follower on my blog?! Shame Shame. :)